Queen's VEX U Robotics Team

Team code: QUEEN
QVEX Logo composed of a crown within a gear

Who We Are

We are an Engineering team from Queen's University, competing in the VEX U Robotics competitions since the 2019 season. We come from a wide variety of faculties including Smith Engineering, the Faculty of Computer Science and the Smith School of Business.

We are affiliated with the Engineering Society of Queen's University and the Alma Mater Society of Queen's University.

A team photo showcasing both robots and 2 awards

Current Season

Embarking on an exciting season, our team proudly introduced the Queen's Robotics Cup, an annual competition hosted here at Queen's. This inaugural event saw our team achieve the prestigious Design Award, setting a high standard for innovation and excellence.

Recently, at the West Virginia competition, our team achieved remarkable success, securing second place in skills and earning a coveted spot at the upcoming Worlds Tournament. With these accomplishments, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of VEX robotics through pioneering designs and software refinement.

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Previous Season 2022-2023

Kalahari Classic

Tuning bot before match


- Won the Judges Award
- 2nd in Skills

Canadian Nationals

Testing autons


- Won the Excellence award
- 1st in Skills

Worlds Championships

Photo of drive team in the pits with the judges


-Top 16 globally

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