Current Season

A VEX U awards display


Queen's Robotics Cup (QRC) is a new competition for teams in the VEX U Robotics Competition that will be held each year in late January/early February. Hosted by Queen's University.

Design Award

The Design Award is presented to the team that demostrates an organized and professional approach to the design process, project, time management and team organization.

West Virginia

At the recent West Virginia competition, our team showcased exceptional skill and dedication, culminating in outstanding achievements. Securing second place in skills, with the highest programming score in this segment, our team demonstrated unparalleled technical prowess. Additionally, we proudly achieved third place overall, further solidifying our standing as a formidable force in the competitive robotics arena. Furthermore, our impressive performance has earned us qualification for the esteemed Worlds Championship, where we aim to continue our pursuit of excellence on the global stage.

Design Showcase


             For this season we wanted to build a catcher design. For this we had very strict design requirements. The catcher must not impede our climbing in any way, it must be able to fit under the 11-inch horizontal climb bar to allow for mobility and it must expand to a large size to allow for the greatest margin of error when shooting. The design we came up with is a telescoping mechanism which uses string to expand all sections of the telescope at the same time. This allows us to pull the string 15cm causing the mechanism to expand over 65cm. Using springs the mechanisms can also retract and less than 2 seconds. Additionally, our catcher mechanism is on a turret which allows us to use our software to be able to shoot from anywhere on the field.

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